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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 25, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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killing 90 people. the judge ruled it would be a closed-door session in court. part of that they said skourt and there were other reasons but also precisely not to allow him too much of a propaganda tool. the judge later saying no that breivir said he had to carry out the attacks to save norway. there is new amateur video out today that show just how devastating the first attack was. it looks a lot like oklahoma city. it was actually in the type of explosive used, a mixture of fertilizer and of diesel fuel and the scene afterwards of mayhem in downtown oslo. there was also that second attack besides that. now today is monday, the first day back to work after the attacks on friday, and just a few hours ago there was a moment of violence that was at noon local time. you get the idea that norwegians are really just beginning to deal with all the grief here.
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incredible this country is not that big, only 5 million people, so such a massive attack has really taken its toll. as someone was telling me this morning, everybody knows somebody, that knows somebody or is related to them. the kids in the camp were womaning from all over the country. finally, jenna, it's very sad in so much of these parts the judge saying after tharbg the hearing waafter that, the hearing was closed and but he came out and talked a little bit about it. he said he was not interested in the number of people he had to kill, he just wanted to make a statement. he certainly did that. jenna: certainly indeed and sad as you say, greg. more developments as we get them from norway, greg burke, thank you. jon: we still have debt deadlock on capitol hill with the default deadline just eight days away now. congressional leaders are still struggling to hammer out some kind of a deal, one that would
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raise the limit on our nation's credit card while cutting trillions of dollars in spending. house speaker john boehner may unveil his own bill today. harry reid said it would be a nonstarter. wendell goler is live on the north lawn with more. >> reporter: speaker boehner's plan would take the spending cuts agreed to before talks with vice joe biden broke down and raise the debt ceiling a little less than that. it would satisfy the speakers bottom line which is cutting spending more than the debt ceiling is raids but we'd have to go through this all over again by the end of the year. the speaker said yesterday it would solve the immediate crisis. >> there is going to be a two-stage process. it's not physically possible to do all of this in one step. having said that, chris, i know the president is worried about his next election, but my god
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shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> reporter: the president has made clear his bottom line is raising the debt ceiling enough to get through the 2012 election campaign. treasury secretary geithner suggested spending cuts won't be any easier to make when you add a republican presidential nominee to the negotiations. >> the idea that we'll spend another seven months lifting the cloud of default from the american economy, it seems irresponsible approach, bad for the economy and we don't think that makes sense. >> reporter: geithner had warned the markets might react today but the sell off has been modest. secretary of state clinton in hong kong tried to reinsure asian investors. >> i'm confident that congress will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling, and work with president obama to take the steps necessary to improve our long-term fiscal outlook. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid who as you
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pointed out says the boehner plan is a none starter has a proposal of his own, to cut the deficits by counting savings by ending the what ares in iraq and afghanistan. republicans say the markets might not buy that but the same accounting tool was used in the republican budget that passed the house. jon: interesting to that the secretary of state commenting on tkphes particular spending matter. thank you. jenna: the lack of debt deal seems to be one of the factors in the stock market as wendell was talking about. the dow trading down by 60 points . it was down by over a hundred earlier. simon constable is a columnist for the "wall street journal." what is your take? we talk about the reassurance for the market? what about the reassurance for the average investor. >> most of the markets are saying whatever. but the gold market isn't. we've seen gold come up from 1500 a month ago to over 1600 now. jenna: what does that tell you.
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>> people don't buy golds as a good investment. you have to pay money to have it stored, buy insurance, put it in a bank, with armed guards and people are basically big thumb's down to the u.s. government when they buy gold. you shouldn't be totally reassured. that is quite a move in that sort of short period of time. it's not good for people countywide either. i think we will be paying higher interest rates. jenna: let's talk about interest rates. we have two pheupbgs we are talking about, we are talking about defaults and downgrade, those are separate but related issues. talk us through those two things. >> default is where we don't pay. in our case it will be a won't may rather than can't pay. jenna: for a political statement? >> it does seem to be that. greece is in a situation where they can't pay, they have no money. they have to work out how they will manage to restructure things. we are in a position where we can pay the interest in our debts. because of this construct, this
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debt limit, this debt ceiling which hasn't been extended, then that would, if we don't get it lifted, that would put us into default, that is not good. and that would really mar our credit for a long. whether it's forever or not i think that is a matter for debate. i think it could be longer than any of us want. crediwe have to cut spending. we're going to get more and more indebted and our credit rating will go down and we'll have to pay more to borrow money. >> what other countries would we be in the same pool as shall we say. >> we could be in the same situation as japan. jenna: japan was a major super power at one time. jenna: economically, economically not military since the second world war. it could go down to like greece if we don't get it curtailed. that is the government piece of
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it. they have to pay more to service the debt, more interest, and that means we will too, not just in our taxes, but when we get a mortgage, or when we go to buy a car, if you want to borrow money to use that, if using your credit card you pay more there. jenna: you can't use gold that easily. >> you need cash for that. this will filter through to everything. jenna: just a final question. it is tough to know who to trust. what exactly is going to happen if a default happensment what happens when you see a credit downgrade. we've heard mixed reports about this august 2nd deadline whether or not it really is the deadline or whether or not it can be moved. what are you hearing? >> what i'm hearing is that the estimator gun, how much money have we got coming in and going out, that is a gun that doesn't shoot very straight. so it's a guess. what's happen is they are guessing at the suggest 2nd deadline. maybe we got a about it bit more money, that's what barkley's capitol is saying there is a
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little bit more money coming in than had previously been expected and we'll have a little bit more time to get through to august the 10th. this doesn't shoot straight, this isn't like bull's-eye every time. jenna: the moving of a deadline or a deadline looming doesn't necessarily produce results. always nice to have you. thank you for coming. jon. jon: jenna, right now house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation into someone in her own party, oregon democrat david woo. a young woman says he had a unwanted sexual encounter last year. calls for his resignation are pouring in. james rosen has more. >> reporter: congressman woo has not shown up at his office. the 7-term democrat from oregon has told his staff with the
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underage daughter of a classmate and campaign donor was consensual. he said the allegations are, quote, very serious and he has no desire to bring unwanted, publicity or stress to the young woman and her family unquote. the woman left a distraught voice mail message that his staff has heard. he has a history of erratic behavior as he has acknowledged as when he e mailed this halloween photo last year. they urged him to enter a psychiatric hospital for counseling. they cautioned against linking woo's case against anthony weiner. congressman james clyburn reminded cases republican house members that resigned, eric ma
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massa and another from new york state. >> i'm not going to discuss what i said to him over the air, but i will talk to him when i get to washington this afternoon, and i would hope that he would do what is in the best interest of himself, of the congress, and of the american people. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi released a statement late last night in which she vowed to press the ethics committee to investigate the latest allegations against woo. she expressed her deep disappointment and sadness about the situation. woo is the first chinese-american an elected to congress. jon. jon: james rosen in washington. jenna: some of the top news items of the day, we have a whole lot more stories to get through. court action in the case of amanda knox. today's hearing spells out big problems with key evidence in
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her trial. how it affects her appeal just ahead. the debt drama, what is really going on at closed-door meetings aeupd at reaching a deal and will the president and lawmakers hammer out some sort of agreement before the deadline eight days away. patti ann is live wall with three videos. >> reporter: three really hot tapes today. you have to go to and click on the happening now tab. the first one is moose on the loose. you might want to see a very interesting video of this moose wandering around shaking things up in idaho. earth u.s. open, not gulf or tennis, the u.s. open of sand castle. these are not just taking a pale and dumping it upside down, trust me. if you want to see these videos they are really good you'll want to vote for that one. a 14-year-old gets behind the wheel of an suv. he's lucky to be alive. you should see the damage from
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jenna: a few top crime stories we want to catch you up on. jury selection in the trial of warren jeff. he stands accused of sexual assault. more than 250 jurors expected to show up today. again it's just the beginning of juror selection here. overseas to italy where dna experts are highlighting problems with the evidence used against amanda knox. the american student was convicted of killing her british roommate. the court is hearing the review of the case. two mysterious deaths connect towed a california mansion now putting the spotlight on the home's owner, pharmaceutical executive jack shacknai, his son and girlfriend dies within days
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of each other. more information as we get it. jon: eight days before an august 2nd deadline. congressional leaders are in close he door meetings right now comparing rival plans to raise the debt ceiling. the nation's credit status is in skwrep tkardee. let's talk about it with managing editor of the hill, bob cusack. he has resources plugged into these deals. bob, this is the time when both houses and parties should be coming together. you say they are going the opposite direction. >> oh, yeah, they are totally going in separate directions. takes about a week to get a bill through the senate and that's when you have a bipartisan agreement. they are not even close to getting that. i think it's very unlikely that a bill can get to president obama's desk by august 2nd. maybe they can have a deal like that, right now it's still leverage games, it's still the parties going to opposite directions and that spells trouble for the markets. it may necessitate a market
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plunge for them to get back to the negotiating table. jon: the house obviously passed the cut, cap and balance legislation, the senate tabled it. when harry reid calls it, what, the single worst most ill-conceived piece of legislation like that he's ever seen, that doesn't bode well. >> no it doesn't. and john boehner is considering passing a balanced budget amendment. a lot of the conservatives are saying they will not vote for anything unless there is a balanced budget amendment attached to the debt ceiling talks. that's where we run into deadlines. you try to get 218 votes in the house, 60 in the senate. it's like john boehner said it's like a rubric's cuban they haven't finalized it yet. jon: you have members who are in there with tea party support that don't want to see more tax increases. you have them lined up against a bunch of senators who have been
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in office a longtime and want to pursue essentially business as usual. >> you have conservatives in the senate that are vowing to filibuster any raise in the debt ceiling unless it has the cut, cap and balance approach. i think there will be a lot -- a bill is going to have to pass that will have a lot of democratic support and republican support. i think it's very similar to the tarp bail out bill in 2008 where you had democrats and republicans coming together and passing something that the public basically doesn't want. they don't want -- the polls show that they don't want the debt ceiling to be raised. i think it's a very, very spot for john boehner. yesterday in a conference call with his members he said we need to unify, if we are not unified they will dive divide and conquer us. jon: what is the relationship between harry reid and john
8:19 am
boehner. >> the golf outing is over with regard to press. the relationship between reid and boehner is a good one. they averted the government shut down. these two men are legislators. they've done it before. can they do it again? it remains to be seen. that is the one optimistic note that these guys do get along, they understand the pressure that they are under from the conservatives, for john boehner and the left on harry reid . those two could be the best hope to any type of deal reaching press' desk in early august or maybe later, maybe mid august. the congressional recess could be in jeopardy here, because they can't go home until they get a deal. jon: let's lock them all in their offices and make them come up with some kind of agreement. >> it may require that, exactly. jon: thank you. jenna: taking you out to the west coast where a serial arsonist now believed to be on the loose after a rash of fires in north hollywood. a live report straight ahead on
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arsonist now after 18 devastating fires in just four days. los angeles investigators saying the fires start around 3:00am, quickly they are followed by several others. cops are asking the public now for any help they can get. pat tee ann brown has more on that story. as you say as many as 18 fires have been set in los angeles in the past five days. arson investigators frantically searching for the culprit. the series of suspicious blazes began early thursday morning. they all started around 3:00 in
8:24 am
the morning. the suspect appears to move down the block, starting a few fires in quick succession. the fires have burned apartment buildings, a motor home and several other vehicles in north hollywood. luckily no injuries have been reported. the area of the arsons is west of lankershim boulevard, van owen street to the north and burbank boulevard to the south. fire officials have no describe describes of a suspect or a vehicle. they are working on this case with police debts. they are asking the public to call them with any tips. please call the number on the screen. jon. jon: let's hope they get that guy. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jenna: more horrific details emerging about the man who is believed to be responsible for a massacre in norway. he was ordered held for eight weeks before he reappears in court again.
8:25 am
he admitted to the car bombing in oslo as well as the bloody shootings on an island. he did plead not guilty. this story raises a lot of questions about the risk here of domestic terrorism, a similar attack. we have a former secretary from the department of homeland security. stewart when these things happen our hearts go out to people overseas who experience it. it also causes a lot of inch throw specs here at home. >> that is for sure. jenna: when something like this happens what is the reaction of the department of homeland security? what is the talk behind the scenes? >> it's not just the federal department of homeland security but our local and state police forces who are always going going to be the first one on the scene. i think the good news is that we have built up a pretty robust capability over ten years both on the infiltration of potential plots look out for lone wolf terrorists, those things but also our response capability
8:26 am
which i feel fairly certain is much stronger in most parts of our country than they had overseas unfortunately. but there is a real concern. we have -- the folks may come in with an al-qaida plot that may be here for quite a while, may have u.s. citizenship. we have right ring extremists that we've seen in the united states and abroad. law enforcement has its work cut out for it. jenna: what is the biggest challenge for finding that one individual that would pose such a street. >> the internet unfortunately has sparked such a flurry of people that are ranting and raving. we saw this with the give ford shoot earlier this year. law enforcement has to decide within constitutional protections when a person reaches a point that is imminent. fertilizer sales, gun control measures, of course those issues are very controversial.
8:27 am
i think that the walls we've torn down since 9/11 between fighting terrorism on one hand and law enforcement activities on the other have made it easier for law enforcement to look at those types of plots and individuals who may be plots things who may be about to become activated. jenna: it is comforting to know that there is a system it seems in place now compared to maybe ten, 20, 30 years ago. >> definitely. jenna: we were on the air when this story was developing on friday and there was instantly a lot of speculation about muslim extremists in norway and the relationship between the muslim community that is growing there. and that is the trebs the story went at least initially. that can be dangerous of course. today there is an article on the muslim brotherhood and how it's growing here. are we too my optic in looking at terror when trying to prevent a terror attack? do you think we are too short sighted as we look at prevention
8:28 am
and security. >> i wouldn't say we are too my optic. the threat over the last ten years has been foreign based. i think we've done the right thing. we are a big country, we have people with a wide ra*eupblg, spectrum of views. we've seen with the oklahoma city bombing that people can loose their legal status here to our disadvantage. law inch fortment is pretty good at looking out for the things. in terms of the congressional work there will be another hearing this week on rad ka lie stkaeugts. i think those are appropriate types of hearings. other people overseas have had to battle with this a lot longer than we have. we could learn lessons from that. those threats can come from everywhere, we've seen it this week in norway. jenna: we hope some lessons come from it. thank you for your expertise. jon: those half us on the east coast have got even a little bit of a break from the heat, thank you mother nature. there are millions still baking
8:29 am
in triple digit temperatures from texas to missouri. the latest forecast,es especially for them come up next. still time to cast your vote for the must-see moment of the day. take a look at today's stories. moose on the loose in idaho. the sand castle competition in california. or an suv that crashes into an apartment in texas. log onto"happening now." you can cast your vote for the video you want to see more of. coming up. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
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jenna: fox news weather alert, a cold front sort of breaking an oppressive heatwave in the northeast. there is no relief in site for you in the central united states which continues to break under the hot summer sun. maria molina is in the fox weather center. any relief for our friends in the center of the country. >> reporter: unfortunately no. exspecial euf heat warnings are in place until thursday. another long stretch in store for the center of the nation coming up here throughout this work week. we have a big high pressure system again here located and that is bringing in a lot of sunshine, very hot temperatures and also dry conditions. so aside from the heat the other problem across the southern plains, including the state of texas are those drought conditions. we are not really looking at any relief as far as precipitation goes. taking a look at your high temperatures for today, 93 kansas city. 10106 will be the high in
8:34 am
dallas, texas. 79 will be the high in new york city. that will feel like fall for us compared to what we had to deal with last week where we saw 104 in new york city breaking a record out here. dallas, texas has had 23 consecutive days of hundred-degree temperatures. unfor the iunfortunately if you take a look at the forecast not only for today, but tuesday and wednesday you're still looking at the triple digit temperatures. the record was 42 days that lasted in 1980. we are at the fifth longest streak of hundred-degree days with the 23 days we've already had. here is a look at the exsis euf heat warnings across the state of missouri until thursday evening. kansas, oklahoma, and also the lighter shadedded areas are heat advisories. along the areas we can see heat values up to 115 degrees. further east while we are seeing the relief across the northeast we will be looking at the hot
8:35 am
temperatures across eastern portions of the carolinas. the high pressure system is going to expand and threaten through tomorrow. still looking at more cross temperatures across the center of the nation, 104 dallas. 97 kansas city. when you factor in humidity it will feel hotter in these areas. the northeast warming back up again, 90 degrees will be our high in new york city. it's of course going to feel hotter than that. jenna: when you say a cool friend, and it's 80 december you have to keep it all in perspective right. >> reporter: yes. jenna: back to maria with more as we get it. jon: hispanics an increasingly important voting block in this count throw and press is set to make his 2012 pitch to hispanic voters today. he is set to address the nation's largest latino civil
8:36 am
rights group. alicia acuna has that live for us from denver. >> reporter: in talking to a spokeswoman who specializes in latino communications for the republican national committee she pointed out in 2010 all freshman hispanic members of congress were republican. the point, the latino population is not a voting block that was guaranteed to anyone. as the rnc sees an opportunity to gain some traction with hispanic, who in 2008 delivered to president obama nationally by over 30 points it's putting out spanish language ads in an attempt to put dings in the incumbent's armor. the blast of radio and internet tv ads takes aim at the economy and the unemployment rate which is over 11% for hispanics which is higher than the national average. they are being run in nevada, new mexico and colorado. in response the democratic national committee released its own spanish language ad under
8:37 am
scoring obama's commitment to the latino committee. they say regardless of the last election the democratic party can't take anything nor granted. >> they are concerned that this could always be a competitive constituency, and that a lot has happened nationally in terms of issues that had a great deal of affect on latinos, and they might be very open to arguments from different candidates about things like immigration reform, or about the state of the economy. >> reporter: and when it comes to nevada, new mexico and colorado recent history we're told isn't necessarily an indicator. in 2004, for instance those three states went for george w. bush. in 2008 for president obama. however, jon, right now two out of the three states, nevada and new mexico have recently elected republican hispanic governors. back to you. jon: it's going to be an interesting race to watch, an interesting election trend i guess to watch. thanks very much. jenna: another fox news alert
8:38 am
for you. new tee tails out of norway we wanted to share with you. what you're seeing on your screen right now are live pictures of a news conference going on. authorities are briefing the press of what they know, not only about the suspect in question, but also about the attack itself. here are two quick headlines we wanted to share with you. one being the authorities saying they cannot rule out that others are involved. they have no evidence of that but they did say that the suspect said he was part of a cell, and there are two other related cells. they are not confirming the ebgts is tans of those cells but they did say to the public that this is something that they are looking into. one other thing i wanted to mention here the death toll has come down quite a bit. the police say that they initially overestimated the amount of dead at that youth camp. it is still very, very high, though, folks, we are still at a death toll of 76, and that is still making this situation in norway one of the worst modern mass murders in piece time.
8:39 am
a lot of developments coming out of norway today. we'll bring you those as we hear more. jon: it has really rocked the five million people or so that live there. serious lines, higher prices at u.s. airports, control offers could end up footing the bill after congress and the faa don't exactly see eye to eye on the faa's budget. also, it's now easier than ever to take fox news with you wherever you go. go to the fox and find out how you can stay connected with your cellphone, smart phone, any other mobile device. you can stream live video, watch the latest clips from your favorite shows all on the go. # what is at? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you ne home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both.
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jenna: international stories we are keep an eye on for you including this one. a tough one overseas in london. an autopsy underway right now on the body of amy winehouse. we expect results either later today or maybe tomorrow. the troubled grammy-winning
8:43 am
singer found dead in her apartment this weekend. she was just 27-years-old. reports now that the incredible story of trapped chilean miners is headed for hollywood. tmz saying production on a movie could beginner lee next year. a 2-year-old girl in intensive care in china right now, her parents missing after rescuers find her alive in the rubble of a train wreck that killed dozens of people. take a look at that. jon: new information for those of you who like to fly on air planes. congress could not come to agreement on a new funding plan for the faa as of midnight friday. that sparks a partial shut down of the faa, a rise in air fares for major carriers over the weekend. there is a catch to that. we'll explain that in a minute. also 4,000 layoffs for faa workers. what does it all mean for you and your next trip to the airport? joining us now the vice
8:44 am
president with gephart government affairs, scott brenner. we are not talking about laying off controllers who are actually controlling things in the control towers around the country, right? >> no, i don't think for most travelers you're not going to see any kind of change in your travel when you're flying. jon: but you are going to see some of the tax money that the government used to collect go elsewhere. now, take a look at this. this is interesting. if your airline ticket costs maybe $300, the federal tax you pay is at least $25, can be higher if there are more flight segments as i understand it. and the airlines have decided, at least a good many of them, if they are not going to collect that tax for good old uncle sam, they are just going to pocket it themselves. american, united, continental, delta, u.s. airways, southwest and airtran effectively have raised their prices by keeping that money. now according to the research
8:45 am
we've done in our brain room. spirit, virgin american, front tear and hawaii as well as alaskan airlines are saying we'll give the federal money back to the federal government. is there no river. no requirement that they give that money back to passengers, scott? >> i think you hit the nail on the head, there is no legislation. normally what happens is we have an faa bill. congress has been not been doing a good job. we've had 20 extensions of law. they collect money from passengers and it goes into a trust fund to build better airports . this lapsed because of a budget dispute between the house and senate and the airlines are no longer required to collect the tax. however, far be it for me to think consumer might get a little break here, they raise the fares up to cover that.
8:46 am
jon: i was flying over the weekend. i paid the baggage fees. somebody wanted me to pay $40 to get five inches of extra leg room. when is enough enough? why can't they give that money back? >> it's funny you say that, the whole thing, the break down in this legislation was because house republicans say we need to cut one of these programs that pays a subsidy to the public to carry passengers. in my home state of nevada they were subsidizing airline tickets $3,700 per passenger, $3,700. jon: to provide air service to some relatively remote areas, right? >> exactly. so they say, hey do you think we can cut this little program. the senate says no this should be a kleenex tension. we find ourselves in this situation now. jon: there is also legislation in there that involves union rules and votes on whether or
8:47 am
not to unionize. that is part of what is going on here in between republicans and democrats right. >> correct. there is a whole slew of issues. if everybody is for reducing spending, house republicans said let's do a little bit and see what we can do. unfortunately it all broke down. jon: the people that are being laid off as i understand it are not control-tower personnel, they are researchers and headquarters percen personnel. a lot of people might say they are not essential. but if you're one of those 4,000 workers bringing home an faa paycheck to feed your family this is not good news. >> no it's not. it is unfortunate to see these layoffs. the bigger impact will be in the airport community. these faa people are kind than integral for the building season, construction season for the airports. right now the airports don't know when they are going to get money, if they are going to get money and if you don't know
8:48 am
those two things it's kind of hard to sign a contract to do construction projects. look up north they have lost a whole con trucks season because of this. jon: if i bought a tpeubgt two weeks ago to fly today i paid the federal tax on that ticket, right? i mean it's part of the fee. if i fly today the federal government isn't supposed to be collecting that tax. so what happens? >> well, what happens allegedly as the consumer you can ask the airline to refund that tax and we'll see what happens with that. jon: yeah, i have a feeling it might -- those requests might fall on deaf ears. yeah, all right. scott brenner, always good to talk to you. jenna: in new york city police are now looking for this guy. we have a picture of him, because apparently, jon, he's not keeping his hands to himself. jon: that doesn't sound good. jenna: new information on the manhunt straight ahead. new developments in the nfl lockout. reports, a deal has been reached. so when will players get back to
8:49 am
the business of football? we're live with the story just ahead. for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free
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jenna: new details on a serial groper in the big apple. cops say they have video of the man who is apparently just grabbing women and running off. patti ann brown has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: that's right, jenna. since january police say there have been eight groping or attempted gropings in new york city. in most of the incidents police say the male suspect grabs his female victims, sometimes under their clothes and then runs off. unless now there's been just a stkefp of the suspect. no step of the suspect. now we have video. this released from the nypd. it is at a subway station on the upper east side. the man is at the 77th street
8:53 am
and lexington avenue station. this video captures him trying to follow another potential victim last sunday. as you can see it's very clear, he's white, clean-shaven, about 5 feet tall, a gap between his teeth and short spiked hair. one victim tells cbs she was getting off a subway when the suspect asked for directions. he reportedly followed her to her apartment and entered it behind her. she said, what are you doing? and he took off. other people report similar scenarios. people with any information should call the police at the number on the screen. jenna: thank you. jon: right now and end to the long nfl lockout may be within reach. the associated press reporting the players association just agreed to a deal with team owners. the players themselves will have the final say. they must vote to approve this thing. so will we see some football this fall?
8:54 am
steve centanni has a look at it live from washington, steve. >> reporter: it's a pretty good bet we will. the 13-member executive committee of the players union meeting as we speak here in washington. they reportedly worked until early this morning, 3:00am hammering out a final agreement. according to unnamed sources sited by the associated press they have reached an agreement to end the four-month walk out. kevin milwe arrived for the meeting. no subject announcement has been made yet. if they approved the pack it would go to the 32 player representatives who could immediately on a conference call express their opinions and vote. that would set the ball in motion for a resumption of nfl activities, though all 1900 players would eventually have to ratify the agreement and that may take a few days. for their part owners approved a broad outline of a pack last thursday. it's basically a formula for
8:55 am
dividing the $9 billion annual revenue for nfl football. the owners would get 53% of the take, the players 47%. the players took the weekend to go over the details. one last minute stumbling block was the players push for the clause that would allow them to opt out of the ten year contract after seven years, but they said that would not be a deal breaker. if the pack is approved today by the players association it wouldn't be any too soon. pre-season play is scheduled to begin august 11th. the all of fame game scheduled to be played august 7th is already canceled. no other cancellations apparently would be needed if the vote comes soon, as we expect it would and only a few teams would have delayed the start of their training camp. this is the first work stoppage since 1987 and appears to be near an end right now. jon: if they play football starting with prone in august we problem below won't even notice that there u was a work
8:56 am
stoppage. >> reporter: exactly. jon: let's send these negotiators over to capitol hill and see if we can get anything done. what do you think, steve. >> reporter: i don't think so. jon: ols always a pessimist. >> reporter: maybe. jon: he'll give us a maybe. jenna: two men facing a judge in california today accused of beating san francisco giants fan bryan stow who you're seeing on your screen. they beat him nearly to death. we have a live report straight ahead on exactly who the two suspects are. also teens mauled by a grizzly bear in the wildlife to tell the tail. two of them are seriously injured. the latest on their recovery. and what may have set the bear off straight ahead. ♪
8:57 am
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9:00 am
at court today. a judge said he was going to stay in custody, obviously, for the next eight weeks before he appears again. he's the one, apparently, responsible, although he pleaded not guilty to the murder of 76 people in norway, one of the worst mass murders in history. several new developments today including the fact that he told the judge in court that there might be people that he worked with, he mentioned a cell, police say they're exploring that, they have no evidence of it. but we're going to be watching closely as we continue to watch the developments out of norway today. meantime, back at home capitol hill starting the week in gridlock has political leaders struggle to solve the looming debt crisis. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee, so nice to have you on monday. jon: gridlock on cap capitol hill, why am i not surprised?
9:01 am
i'm jon scott. it appears they are making precious little headway as the clock tick down toward a default deadline that is now eight days away. new hampshire senator kelly eye yacht that is a republican and is our guest right now. you are in favor of the cut, cap and balance legislation, correct? >> i am, jon, because the -- jon: and the u.s. senate has essentially said, we're not going to do that, we've put it on the table. is there any chance of getting that legislation off the table? >> well, we weren't given a full, robust debate in the senate on cut, cap and balance, and the plan makes sense. let's cut spending immediately, cap spending so we can get our fiscal house in order and balance our budget. so we didn't get a full debate on that. i'm still hopeful that plan will go forward. that said, you know, where's the president in all of this? cut, cap and balance was passed by the house to raise the debt ceiling with serious spending reforms, and apparently there was some kind of bipartisan deal worked out last night, and he's
9:02 am
rejected that as well. so we need to address this fiscal crisis right now. jon: well, senator, you are pointing to the president, what have you seen from the president in terms of, you know, some kind of a budget proposal of his own? >> well, there was a budget proposal that he put forward in january, and it was voted on in the senate. it didn't get one vote, not one vote from a member of his own party, and is we've had two other -- and we've had two other budget proposals put together by republicans in the senate as well as the house republican proposal put forward by congressman ryan, yet the senate democrats, it's been over two years since they've actually sat down to do the work that the budget committee should do. so i say now is the time for leadership. how can you operate without a budget? jon: senator ayotte, what about tax increases? republicans have generally said the tax increases are off the table right now. is there any scenario in which you would vote for a debt ceiling lift that would include
9:03 am
tax increases? >> well, i don't think we should do anything right now that's going to hurt our economic recovery and further increasing taxes on our small businesses is going to hurt our economic recovery. but what republicans have said and i firmly believe, i believe in tax reform. that means eliminating and simplifying the tax code and lowering rates for everyone to make us more competitive. ask i believe that we can get -- and i believe we can get further revenue through economic growth by doing that. so i think you'll hear there's bipartisan support for tax reform, and we can do that without hurting our economic recovery. in fact, it will help our economic recovery. jon: there seems to be a lot of, well, name calling going on on capitol hill right now, and a lot of taxpayers are frustrated. they say, you know, let's everybody, both parties, both houses just grow up and come to a deal. i mean, do you see the possibility of that happening? >> well, we've got to get together for our country.
9:04 am
i understand the american people's frustrations. they want real results. that's how i feel too. i also think that all these negotiations should have been out in the open for the public to judge so we would know where people's positions were, so that we would encourage the leadership of this country to get it done, to address our fiscal crisis right now because we cannot afford to kick this can further down the road. jon: part of the disagreement stems from what happens if we don't get a deal. there are those who will say it's financial armageddon, there are those who say it's not going to be that big a deal. how do you describe what happens if we don't come to an agreement? >> with well, i don't think anyone wants us to be in a position where we don't meet our obligations, so we do need to address the debt ceiling issue. however, we have that issue and just as important is the $14 trillion in debt that we have accumulated. and we can't increase our credit limit again without a serious plan like cut, cap and balance to address and get our fiscal
9:05 am
house in order and to assure that our credit is not downgraded because moody's and s&p have said that if you don't cut trillions off the debt in the next decade, that we could also face a downgrade. jon: can you walk up to senator reid and say, hey, how about bringing that ccb plan off the table? >> i've been saying we should bring it off the table. it's been the only plan that has been passed, a specific written proposal passed by the house of representatives. and let's face it, it makes sense. let's cut spending, let's cap it and also balance our budget. so i would say that to senator reid. i would also say to the president, where is your plan? if you do not like any of the plans that have been put forward, where's the leadership so we can address this fiscal crisis right now and preserve america? jon: senator ayotte from new hampshire, thank you. >> thank you, jon. jenna: not too far from d.c. you have a field of republicans with an eye on the white house remaining wide open in iowa. tim pawlenty, ron paul, michele
9:06 am
bachmann, even governor chris christie who says he's not running are in the key caucus state today, and that's where we find steve brown. he's in ames, iowa, keeping an eye on all those running and, i guess, not running. >> reporter: or in some cases almost not running. [laughter] the level of activity has everything to do with the straw poll which comes up on the second saturday of august. it's traditionally an early indicator of which organization, which campaign organization really has the muscle to be able to move people in a caucus-like way that they're going to have to do coming up in february. ron paul's name you probably should watch out for. some of the other iowa campaigns note that paul has been very active but off of the radar. and while most candidates and campaigns try to dumb down expectations saying, oh, we won't do that, well, so that they can exceed expectations, apparently ron paul hasn't gotten that memo. have a listen.
9:07 am
>> i wished i could say that i am the front runner, and nobody's ahead of me, and it's a shoo-in. but the truth is that we can do it and will do very, very well and, hopefully, come in first. >> reporter: now, tim pawlenty would very much like to come in first in the straw poll although he's not making as bold a prediction. but lately he has been exchanging words with the michele bachmann campaign, and they're not kind words at all. for a couple of weeks now, pawlenty has been talking about bachmann's record as a member of the house and pointing out he doesn't believe she has gotten a level of accomplishment out of that three terms in the u.s. house. bachmann yesterday fired back with a couple of salvos via news releases, one of which called into question pawlenty's ability to be able to keep a balanced budget up in minnesota which has been some level of controversy up there in the state of minnesota. then later on called pawlenty's positions very much like
9:08 am
president obama's, and coming from a fellow republican, it probably couldn't be read as anything other than an insult. we understand that pawlenty will be addressing this personally at a microphone a little bit later today. and topping it all off, a guy that a lot of folks would like to run for president but has decided motto and has said so -- not to and has said so repeatedly, and yet chris christie is going to be speaking at an educational summit in iowa. he was trying to steer away from the media and the obvious questions about what it would take for the governor of new jersey to run in the race, but now there is going to be an avail very late in the day. but his answers about running for president have essentially been thus: no, no, and no. but still there are folks who would like to see him run, and he's in iowa, so he'll probably face the questions again. jenna: so many not taking no for an answer. steve brown, thank you so much in iowa for you today.
9:09 am
fox news is joining the washington examiner to present the first televised iowa republican presidential debate. find out what the candidates have to say on thursday, august 11th, right here on fox news, and get all your news at america's political headquarters, log on to jon: a fox news alert and home-grown terrorism the focus of a congressional briefing right now on capitol hill. a brand new report details a long history of infiltration by the muslim brotherhood in the america. the report being presented to members of congress was produced by a private group. today's hearing is sponsored by congressman allen west, a republican from florida. we're also learning disturbing new details this hour as the norway terror suspect makes his first appearance in court. anders bray vick going before a judge a short time ago in oslo.
9:10 am
we're now hearing the man accused of killing 76 people in two separate attacks says there are two more cells in his organization. joining us now on the phone, freelance journalist oscar youland. oscar, two more cells. is there any reason to believe that he's telling the truth here? >> reporter: well, we don't know that yet, but there could well be that is making these things. what we do know of is a manifesto that was published a couple of days ago. he allegedly attended a meeting in london with 2002 with eight persons, two british, one french, one greek, one dutch and one russian man attending, but we don't know if these are things he made up by himself or if it, indeed, true there are other cells. jon: now he, it's my understanding he has admitted to the attacks, and yet he pleaded not guilty in the court in his first appearance?
9:11 am
>> that is correct. he admitted to the attacks and said it was to harm the norwegian labour party and to avoid the bureau -- to become a cultural marxist and taken over by muslims. that's what he said in the quotes that the judge read to us after the session today. jon: all right. so much more to come as the authorities there investigate this out ray juice and awful attack. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jenna: jon mentioned much more ahead this hour including dramatic new developments in the sexual assault case against dominique strauss khan. the new york city maid who claims he tried to rape her is now going public. what she has to say and how dsk is responding. also patti ann is here with the news that you choose. >> reporter: that's right, jenna. you get to choose which story you'd like to hear more of. we have three hot tapes, which one will we show?
9:12 am
vote on the first one, moose on the loose. he is wandering around people's backyards in idaho. it's fun to watch. you might want that one. or the u.s. open sand castle competition in california. these are very elaborate. it's some good tape. if you'd like to see that, you can vote for that one. or a 14-year-old, 35er7b8, allegedly, steals an suv, drives it, crashes it. not only is he lucky to be alive, so are the people in the house he crashed into. go to our web site and make a vote. we'll be right back. [ rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... thanks. naturals from delicious, real ingredients
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♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunies, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedicate it to my school. ♪ when i write that book, those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof. jenna: a fox news alert, a weather alert, in fact, in the northwestern part of pennsylvania, in erie county there's been a tornado warning, the public spotted what appears to be a tornado, and they've issued a warning up until about 12:30 eastern time. even if you're not in this area, this is what the national
9:16 am
weather service says. they say the safest place to be is in a basement. if that's not available, get to the lowest floor of the building that you're in the, and get in the hallway or a closet, something like that. we'll keep you up-to-date as we get more weather developments around this country. jon: and right now two suspects accused of brutally beating san francisco giants' fan brian stowe are facing a individual? los angeles -- a judge in los angeles. patti ann has the latest. >> reporter: this story horrified the nation four months ago. the san francisco fan went to the l.a. opening day baseball game between the giants and the dockiers -- dodgers, he was allegedly beaten in the parking lot. 42-year-old brian stowe of santa cruz remains hospitalized. he's a paramedic, a father of two. today his alleged attackers are in in court for the first time. louis sanchez and marvin real toe of southern california being
9:17 am
arraigned. the charges, one count each of assault, battery with serious bodily injury and mayhem. this incident happened way back on march 31st, but sanchez and norwood were only arrested thursday. on friday the previous beating suspect who was arrested in the may was exonerated. these two new suspects are being held on $500,000 bail. the criminal complaint says they inflicted great bodily injury on stowe, quote, causing him to become comatose due to brain injury and to suffer paralysis. it goes on in graphic detail saying they cut his tongue and put out one of his eyes. police say stowe was attacked solely because he was wearing giants' clothing. police chief charlie beck says more details are going to be released at today's arraignment. stowe, meanwhile, has been under heavy sedation at a san francisco hospital since the attack. his family said in a blog post friday that he did appear to mouth his last name and might
9:18 am
have tried to give a thumbs up, so continued hopes for his recovery as the accused attackers face a judge for the first time. jon: that is just so awful. patti ann, thank you. jenna: back in new york the accuser in the dominique strauss can sexual assault case is emerging from the shadows. she's telling her side of the story weeks after credibility issues caused her case to come into question. rick leventhal is following the story for us from the newsroom. hi, rick. >> reporter: hey, jenna. she's been called a liar and a prostitute, accused of trying to make money off of one of the most powerful men in france, but she says the attack was real, and she only wants justice. she says she didn't know dominique strauss khan and thought his room was empty when she went in to clean. he surprised her naked and gave more details in an exclusive interview with abc news' robin
9:19 am
roberts. >> i said, i so sorry, he come to me and say, no, you don't have to be sorry. i say, i don't want to lose my job, but he keep pushing me, pushing me, pushing me to the hallway, keep pushing me. i was so afraid. i was so scared. >> reporter: she says she was forced to perform oral sex, and strauss khan left quickly after that. she was shaken and scared, she says, hid in the hallway, then cleaned the room before telling supervisors and police she'd been attacked. his defense be accuses lawyers of violating fundamental rules of professional conduct saying, quote, the number of rallies, press conferences and media events they have orchestrated is exceeded only by the number of lies and misstatements she has made to law enforcement, friends, medical professionals and reporters. it's time for this unseemly circus to stop. strauss khan pleaded not guilty
9:20 am
to the assault. his attorneys say the sex was consensual. they're due back in court one week from today. jenna: we'll continue following the story, rick. thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. jon: and this, are you ready for some football finally? there are new reports there might finally be a deal between the nfl and its players. so is the long lockout over? we'll bring you the latest as we get it. plus, some troubling new developments in the u.s. operation that put hundreds of guns in the hands of mexican drug cartels. what we now know about the people who sold those weapons. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
9:21 am
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fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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jon: stories we are following right now. the confessed killer in norway's twin terror attacks appearing
9:24 am
before a judge today behind closed doors. the suspect supposedly was hoping for a public stage to air his anti-muslim views. checking on wall street right now, stocks starting to recover after opening sharply lower this morning. analysts are pointing to the stalemate on capitol hill over the debt ceiling sparking fears of a rating downgrade. right now players for the nfl reportedly are getting ready to vote on a final agreement that would end the lockout. owners overwhelmingly approved a proposal last week. the players expected to begin the voting process later today. we could have some football. jenna: well, a fox news exclusive now. learning new disturbing details about operation fast and furious. turns out that federal agents failed to perform background checks on the people who purchased the guns for mexico's drug cartels. and so one of the questions we're asking is how were they able to buy more than 300 guns given no background checks? william la jeunesse has been following this story all along.
9:25 am
william? >> >> reporter: not just any buyers, jenna, but felons. under our gun-buying system the fb with i is supposed to stop people who have been arrested, booked or convicted of a felony from buying a gun. but our investigation found that officials compromised that system either accidentally or intentionally helping put some 2,000 guns in the hands of mexican cartels. >> that's a lot of guns, that was the first thing that came into my mind. >> reporter: this attorney represents the man accused of buying 19 straw buyers later indicted for smuggling guns into mexico. >> they walk into a store, they fill out a form, they buy a couple of rifles, they give it to the guy. >> reporter: it's not supposed to be that easy to buy thousands of guns when records show some of the buyers should have been denied. >> this is unconscionable, and it goes beyond just being a terribly ill-conceived investigation to bordering, if
9:26 am
not crossing into criminal activity. >> reporter: to purchase a gun, every buyer fills out this form. it asks: have you ever deny indicted for a felony, been charged with a crime that allows for a year in jail? are you subject to a restraining order? the gun store forwards that to the fbi which approves, denies or delays the purchase. hi, is jacob here? >> jacob, actually, isn't here right now. >> reporter: we tried tracking down jacob chambers and sean stewart, both had criminal records which should have made them impaired purchasers. >> you cannot sanction illegal activity to further an ill-fated, ill-founded, ill-conceived investigation. >> reporter: an investigation that allowed 24-year-old jaime aveal la to buy the gun used to kill border agent brian terry. now, the fbi which managed that database refused to comment to us when we asked if they cooperated with the atf in this
9:27 am
investigation. however, one of the atf agents told us whenever a fast and furious suspect went to buy a gun, the fbi would call the atf and, mysteriously, the sale would go through. and, of course, the victims are potentially the public and also the gun store which is selling the gun to someone who it should not be giving it. back to you. jenna: incredible reporting on this, we look forward to your reports to come. thank you cell phone. jon: well, it's a day for maybe some give and take on capitol hill as lawmakers look for some kind of a solution to this nation's debt crisis. compromise seems hard to come by, negotiations look to be at a standstill right now. later this hour we'll talk about the competing plans with wisconsin congressman ron kind, a democrat on the ways and means committee. so i was the guy whor going to have the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor,
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but i did. ♪ smetimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. jon: right now in the debate over raising the debt ceiling we are waiting to see what comes out of a meeting of house republicans this afternoon. the speaker of the house, john boehner, is expected to ask the group for some give when he presents the framework for a bill resembling cut, cap and balance. over in the senate, majority -- democratic majority leader harry reid plans to meet with his caucus this evening to go over his new plan. jenna: for more on this, we're going to bring in a member of the gang of six to find out just where things stand now. senator, certainly a lot to keep a hold on. senator warner, of course,
9:32 am
joining us. senator, we've heard something about senator reid's plan, maybe a $2.7 trillion debt reduction plan. it would have no revenue increases meaning no tax hikes of any sort or tax breaks that would be eliminated. would that have your vote right now? >> well, if it gets us through the debt ceiling, and this seems to be what some of the house republicans had asked for, at least an amount of cut that would get us through the next two years. as standard & poor's has pointed out repeatedly if we do this short-term raising of the debt ceiling, they might still downgrade our debt. so this seems to me what the house republicans have asked for. i still think it's going to be a little hard to get $2.7 just in cuts -- jenna: and one of the ways it seems like, and, again, we're getting this in bits and pieces, so love your thoughts on this. one of the ways it seems we're getting to those 2.7 trillion in cuts is to include a trillion
9:33 am
dollars in cuts because we're winding down the wars in afghanistan and iraq. does that really count? is that really the type of cuts we need to do in the government to save ourselves from our own debt crisis? >> jenna, i i think we need to be more specific, but we should remember that, actually, mr. ryan's budget included that trillion dollar figure. that was what was trumpeted out of the house, and if it was good for mr. ryan's plan, i guess it should be good for senator reid's plan. i still think, you know, at the end of the day you're going to need a more comprehensive approach that takes on tax reform, that takes on entitlement reform, and i look around at all this back and forth bickering, and the only bipartisan plan that's out there that gets us close to that $4 trillion number is the gang of six effort. i hope at some point we can use this at least as a fallback or if there's a new commission and they don't get to some agreement, our plan has taken some arrows from both sides, but it gets us there with real cuts
9:34 am
and real reforms. jenna: i think you guys should have team jackets, gang of six. your plan has been interesting, and what we've learned about it, i'd like to ask you specifically about one part that effects the middle class. we hear there'd be some changes in the tax wreaks for mortgage deduction tax breaks or charitable donation tax breaks. we've heard they would be eliminated or maybe reduced, and that could really effect the middle class families that count on some of those deductions. >> sure. jenna: your fellow democrats have said they're not for this at all. can you tell us more specifically about this? >> yeah. we are not by any means saying that those deductions should be eliminated. we are saying that we're going to try to lower rates for middle class taxpayers, if we're going to try to simplify the tax code f we're going to try to generate additional revenue for deficit reduction but at the same time make the tax code simpler, the way you pay for that is by cutting back on tax code
9:35 am
regulations. maybe what we would say, for example, around home mortgages is not let somebody deduct the full cost of their second home mortgage, on the first home cap it at 600,000, 700,000, 800,000. those are parts of the debate going forward. it's really a function of how low you want the rates to be in terms of what's in the current tax code. we can bring down rates, for example, on the top end about ten points. the trade-off has to be how much are you willing to give us on some of these tax exemptions -- let me just share one example. on charitable we might say let's go ahead and allow the first $100,000 be fully deductible and after that give a half deduction. that would still give to people who want to give to their church or a local charity, that would be fully deductible. i think there's a way. at the end of the day, we've got to get close to $4 trillion off of this debt over the next ten years, or we're going to be right back here a few months
9:36 am
from now having the same debate. jenna: and it sounds reasonable listening to some of the specifics. if you're the average american family that owns one home, some of the things you're talking about wouldn't necessarily affect me. the question becomes, though, are you going to get anyone to get onboard? does it seem like you can get enough democrats from the senate to agree to something like this that could be turned to look like where the middle class is not getting the tax breaks they once had? >> i think there is. we had 49 senators show up last tuesday, and within 24 hours we had 36 of them on a letter about an equal number of democrats and republicans saying, hey, this isn't perfect, but let's move forward. this is comprehensive, it's bipartisan, it touches all the areas that we've all a i greed on. we've got to cut spending, we've got to reform the tax code, we've got to reform the entitlement programs, you know? and relatively modest. this is about $3.7 trillion. we really are going to have to go even beyond that. and if people are starting to draw bright lines and say we
9:37 am
can't even do that much, i'm not sure how we're ever going to really solve this problem which i think is the number one problem facing our nation. jenna: it does seem impossible, and we talk about gridlock, we use all the different terms to talk about what's happening in d.c. you're actually living it, and we have this deadline looming when it comes to the debt ceiling, so getting back to that real quick here, you know, we had those debt reduction plans that are larger packages like you're talking about, but in the short term are you for just a temporary increase in this debt ceiling -- >> well, listen, i think the temporary, and i've gone back to standard & poor's which said if you did a temporary increase, you'd probably see a downgrade of our debt. that would end up being a tax increase for every american. a defoul would be a tax increase -- default would be a tax increase for every american family. that's not a good way to go about this. i want to make sure we've got the debt limit increased, i want to make sure we've got a plan to comprehensively address this problem. at the end of the day, both sides are going to have to give.
9:38 am
i'm not saying our plan's perfect, but we've got, you know, over a third of the senate, equal number of democrats and republicans saying this ought to be a path forward. to kind of dismiss this work that really has built upon the simpson-bowles commission i think would be very short-sighted. jenna: senator warner, we appreciate your time on such a busy day, and we look forward to talking to you again, sir. thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. jon: a ferocious grizzly bear attacks teenagers on a hike in alaska. the bear wounding four of those teens, two of them seriously injured now. >> they kind of scattered, and the bear just started going after a bunch of the kids. it got him and knocked him down and bit him.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
jenna: we've got a busy day coming up here on "america live," we're getting things ready for you. tim geithner said something that was a bit jaw-dropping in the his interview with chris
9:42 am
wallace. the government sends out 80 million checks a month. is this who we are now as a nation, or are we starting to look more like a different country? we're going to take on that question. and how about this? one in five american men are not working. lou dobbs on that devastating reality and the loss of skills that could plague a generation. also, shocking developments in the amanda knox case. is it time for her to start making plans for life outside prison walls? this we've got the latest on that story coming up, we'll see you right here at the top of the hour. jon: right now four teenagers are recovering from an attack by a grizzly bear in alaska. they were part of a group of seventeens hiking in alaska's wilderness. they were 35 miles from the nearest road when they startled a grizzly like this one with cubs. after the attack the teens set off an emergency locater beacon, and that's how state troopers came to rescue them.
9:43 am
it was absolute mayhem, as you can imagine. the teens were taking part in the an outdoor leadership program, learning survival skills. one said as he tried to run away, the bear tackled him and bit him in the chest, punctured his lungs and breaking his ribs. >> the bear just started going after a bunch of the kids in the group, and, you know, it got him and knocked him down and bit him. he said the bear bit him and then went away and came back, and i didn't get the exact details of that. >> there was another boy who came, sam was fighting the bear off and kicking him, that another boy came up and started kicking the bear, you know, to help sam fight the bear off, and the bear then went away. jon: brandon mcmillan is an animal behavior expert and a host on animal planet. one of the rules in the wilderness is you never want to get between a mother grizzly and her cubs.
9:44 am
apparently these kids were between them or near them, and mama bears don't like that. >> absolutely. you know, nine times out of ten the reason why humans do get attacked is because they had no idea they were near the mother and her cubs. something you have to understand right away, humans are not on a bear's menu. that's a fact. jon: yeah. and, you know, hats off to those kids who actually were kicking this bear to try to, e guess, distract it and drive it away. it seems to have worked. >> yeah. well, look, i mean, when you're in that situation, you've got to do what you've got to do. one thing i would highly recommend to any hiker going out in the wilderness is you've got to carry pepper spray or some sort of defense. you have to remember when you go hiking in the wilderness, you are in the wilderness. so now you're in bear country. and that's why people are having more encounters with bears. it's not that bears are getting more aggressive, it's there's more people taking hikes out in the wilderness, apparently they didn't know the pear was inhe area -- the bear was in the
9:45 am
area, didn't know the cubs were in the area. you want to make a lot of noise to make sure the bear hears you, right? they don't have real good eyesight. >> no. in general humans generally don't have a lot of conflict with bears when the bears does not have cubs around. but when it has cubs, there's not much you can do, and it's just the chance you've got to take when you take a hike. jon: considering what happened here, it's amazing that more kid weren't hurt. i mean, for instance, the two that apparently were kicking it, two of them are in pretty serious condition, we are led to believe, and two more maybe were bitten, but considering, you know, how far they were from help, this turned out about as well as you might expect. >> well, look, it's a miracle they weren't killed, honestly, because bears are very powerful animals. a grizzly bear, especially when it's defending its young, it has the ability to kill the entire crowd of people, and that's a fact. jon: yeah. one swipe with those claws, and they can lay a guy open. >> it'll go right through you. the claws are between 2-4 inches
9:46 am
long, and they will go right through you. bears are one of the most powerful animals pound for pound on the planet. jon: well, those kids are very fortunate and, you know, let's hope that their recovery continues and they all come out of this okay. they are going to have quite a story to tell. >> again, carry pepper spray. that's my advice. jon: brandon mcmillan, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: well, countdown to default here, at least according to the federal government which says it will hit the debt ceiling on august 2nd. now, we've heard from two senators this hour, but what about the house? that's where the plan really needs to originate. congressman ron kind is a democrat from wisconsin, he serves on the house ways and means committee and, congressman, you're known for being, well, a moderate, someone that's reached across the aisle quite a bit, so we'd love to get your take on what's happening today in d.c. with the news of, potentially, a bill coming to the floor that would include
9:47 am
raising the debt ceiling a little bit, less than the white house would like, about $900 billion, about a trillion in cuts and another commission to work on more cuts. would this have your vote? >> well, jenna, it's crucial that we cannot default as the united states of america on our obligations. what i would like to see is something that's long term, something that's bipartisan and something that's balanced. i think that's what, ultimately, is going to be required. we have divided government here, so we've got to lock arms and jump into the icy waters together, and we're going to find out in the next few days whether it's science of intelligent life still existing here in the united states congress because -- jenna: do you think it does? >> well, i hope so. you know, senators warner that you just had on previously along with senators durbin and conrad were briefing the democratic coalition on the gang of six proposal last week. it's a group of moderate, pro-business democrats, and we liked a lot of what they were saying. not that we were happy with everything they were proposing, but it did take the structural deficits on headstrong.
9:48 am
and a long-term plan with shared sacrifice so that if you're going to be asking the most vulnerable in our society to have to take a cut, then the most well off should be at the table as well. that's the type of balance we're looking for. jenna: sure. and as far as that balance, do you have enough time, enough information, for example, on the gang of six plan? we understand it's not really a plan on paper that's being handed out. do you have either of those to get passed through congress before the deadline of august 2nd? >> well, jenna, it's the only bipartisan game that's in town right now. they are proposing an initial down payment with a deficits we face and specific spending deductions in order to meet the $4 trillion deduction goal over the next ten years which is the type of certainty i think the market is looking for as well. the worst thing we can do right now is kick the can down the road, have repeated votes on whether we're going to honor the bond obligations that we have
9:49 am
and just introduce more uncertainty in the marketplace and with consumers alike. jenna: i'd like to get kind of a personal take on this because as i mentioned, you've been known as a moderate. you've had ten years in your current position, and you have a background in economics and law and in politics, so you really have some background to deal with the issues that are ahead of us. there's been a lot of talk over the weekend how the moderate politician is really an endangered species in d.c. do you think that's the case? >> well, we need more of that because it's in the center, it's finding common ground where we're going to get things accomplished especially with divided government. and, listen, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out where the deficit is going. you've got to go where the big spending programs are. rising health care costs are the largest and fastest growing area of spending, bar none. that's why i've been an advocate of changing the way we pay for health care so it's based on the value. and we also need to scrub the defense budget. we have weapons systems that the pentagon keeps telling congress,
9:50 am
stop appropriating money for these systems. we don't want 'em, we don't need 'em, they're not helping with defense readiness, and they're nonsensical. and i've been one of the leaders on farm bill reform, too, ending the huge taxpayer subsidies going to large agribusiness. it's not fiscally responsible, and that, too, should be in the mix. jenna: we'll see if we can get some of these big things done. that seems to be what you're going for, and we'll see if it can get done. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. jon: we are awaiting an important meeting of house republicans. we're just getting word that speaker john boehner will unveil another plan to control the ballooning debt in a couple of hours. could we reach a deal today? or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea,
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gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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jenna: a fox news alert, this is what the president is doing right now, he's speaking to the national council of la raza at their annual conference here in
9:54 am
d.c., and be la raza is a hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization. the president's remarks are streaming live right now at, so if you'd like to hear more, go ahead, jon: i was not this chair on friday because i was honored to be invited to suburban chicago to emcee the medal of honor society foundation dinner. this one held in barrington, illinois, at the magnificent estate of jasper and marion san ty lee poe. there is walter eilers who received his medal of honor at d-day, he was the oldest member of the society in attendance at that event. there he is outside the estate. and there is one of the newest and youngest medal of honor recipients. that's sal giunta, great guy, got to talk to him quite a bit. and there is a little bit of the inside of what they call the barn at this estate. it's an absolutely --
9:55 am
jenna: the barn? jon: that's what they call it. you recognize that fellow in the center? that's jim lovell, the apollo 13 astronaut, it was absolutely a toning e -- stunning event. if you want to feel better about your life, just sit down with any of those medal of honor recipients. they are so humble, it is just an honor to be in their presence. jenna: you were in great company, jon. looks like a great time. thank you for sharing that. of. jon: thanks to them for inviting me. jenna: did you do okay? i mean, you had a big crowd there. jon: i got a little choked up from time to time. jenna: well, that appropriate. jon: well -- jenna: show 'em who you really are, jon scott. just let it loose. [laughter] jon: anyway, they are doing some great education too spreading to kids in the schools. i didn't get to see this, actually, because i got thunderstormed out of chicago on landing, but they are sending the medal of honor recipients to schools around the country and
9:56 am
educating kids about, you know, the value of the medal, courage, patriotism, that kind of thing. it's absolutely wonderful. jenna: well, sounds great. lucky kids, right? and lucky us. we'll be right back.
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9:59 am
martha: fox news alert waoerbgs want to take you live to oslo, norway. this is a suburb of oslo, the capitol city had to deal with that attack on friday, and also the murder of dozens of people at the youth camp. what you're looking at here is a torch-lit march, that's how it's being described. it's nearly dusk there, 6:30 local time there. the streets are filled with people who want to honor the memory of those killed in friday's bomb and shooting attacks. immense scene to take in. jon: so many of the victims young children. absolutely appalling what happened there. as you can see the nation is rallying in support of the families who lost loved ones. martha: we'll keep you up to date on the developments out of


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